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There is one thing we have noticed about the Oceanside Police near Camp Pendleton CA, they discriminate against elders, disabled veterans and take the sides of criminals.Not the harbor Police, they are very helpfull, but the main Oceanside police. It would serve you better to call the county sheriff and stay away from Police Departments who notoriously protect and serves the criminals. If the elderly who are abused can't depend on this police department we can file a complaint against them in Sacramento or Washington DC because this unusual and unethical behavior is unacceptable. If they were to be shut down, that would benefit the population of Oceanside CA and our Marines at camp Pendleton CA.

Then we can elect new leaders that will not compromise the elders for the Criminals If crimes are commited then the Victims are not to blame and if can't turn to our local law enforcement it just means grab a gun and take matters into your hands. Think of it this way, we the taxpayers are paying their wages, so should get off their lazy arses and do what they are supposed to do.. There is more to law enforcement other than meeting ticket quotas.

Also, Please never ever use TRI CITY hospital because it is by far the worst ever in the united states imitating professional Medicine. If our Police, Sheriffs and Highway patrol will never use them then why should any of us especially the Veterans. Veterans should transferred to the Veterans Hospital in La Jolla where they keep records for all disabled veterans and know their medication plus history. Tri City employees are scanners. They are clue less and will milk you for your money, write up phony reports based on assumptions and their Physical therapy according to the Police are the worst. There many reason but I would need books bigger than the encyclopedia to write it all