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AFRN is officially a Non Profit 501C3. So, now we begin again!
Kozmik Radio and both AFRN are on the air RIGHT NOW!

AFRN will be better, stronger and more informative than ever.
KEEP THIS MIND, WE ARE STARTING FRESH AND HAVE NO FORMAT IN PLACE "YET" meaning you will hear changes while we are adapting and adjusting our audio.

Thank You

If you wish to send in new programs Please contact Dennis Shults

Please remember that no show is FREE. $50 per month is an extremely great discount because by Sept 2018 we will go back to $175. per month, however those who signed up for the $50 deal will stay at that price, it will not go up. For those of you sending music and shows expecting them to be aired for FREE, hello, can you read the above? Please remember that no show is FREE.

Welcome to AFRN, the Veterans Voice.
Our audio lineup is devoted to awareness for our Veterans and all of the active duty personnel.
AFRN is strictly run by Volunteer Veterans, with the exception of a few programs.

The idea of a free press in America is one that we hold in the highest regard.
We believe in bringing our site visitors and our program listeners the widest possible array of Veterans information that comes to our attention.
We have great trust and respect for the American people, our worldwide audience,
and believe them to be fully – capable of making their own decisions and discerning their own realities regarding our Veterans Administration.
If I forgot to list some one please email me and it will be fixed. ***
Yes we are looking for more talk shows and it's very cheap for a while.

AFRN Directors

Dennis Shults - President

Chris Kelly- Vice President

Chris Mascaro -Secretary

Shaun Kroese - Progam Dir.




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